The Dor-Stop Restaurant

So, while in Pittsburgh for work I was looking for somewhere to eat and decided to look for some place that had been on Diners Drive-ins and Dives.

We settled upon a place called the Dor-Stop, and boy did it hit the spot.  We ended up going there twice on the trip.

The first day I couldn’t decide between the Rassberry French toast, or the Chocolate Chip Pumpkin pancakes.   Soooooo, I ordered both.  Stefanie got the potato pancakes and eggs.  Everything was fantastic.

They use real pumpkins for the flavoring in the pancakes, which was very evident.  They were extremely dense, and had great flavor.  The chocolate and pumpkin worked really well together.  I didn’t even use much syrup.

The french toast, was incredible.  It was crispy and sweet.  I could eat that at every meal in the day.


Here’s a view of the overall meal.


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