BBL – Bacon Bruschetta Lettuce

BBL – Bacon Bruschetta Lettuce

By , October 28, 2012

BBL – Bacon Bruschetta Lettuce

So, after making my home made bacon I wanted to try it out with dinner somehow.  I decided that a BLT would be a good idea to showcase it.  However, I wanted to go something a little fanicer, so I thought what if I made it Bruschetta instead of just Tomatoes.



  1. Cook Bacon
  2. Dice Tomatoes
  3. Dice Onion
  4. Dice Garlic
  5. Combine garlic, onion, tomatoes, olive oil, basil, salt, and pepper in a small bowl.
  6. Lay a bed of lettuce on your keiser roll
  7. Add Bruschetta mixture on top of lettuce.
  8. Add Bacon, cheese and what ever condiment you may want and eat away!

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