Ambler Sweet-n-Spicey BBQ Sauce

So this weekend I decided it was finally time to start doctoring my favorite BBQ sauce and make it my own.  I decided to shoot for a competition-esque sauce which is sweet in the begining and has a spiciness to it at the end.  So I started by adding honey to the recipe, it was good, but the beginning remained to tomato-ey.   So I followed by adding molasses.  I was quite surprised how a little molasses goes a long way taste wise.   Last for this go around was some salt and pepper. The recipe still isn’t perfect, and I plan to keep experimenting with it, but I think i’m on the right track.

I’ll continue to update this recipe as I keep tinkering with the ingredients.

Ambler Sweet-n-Spicey BBQ Sauce

By , June 24, 2013

A BBQ sauce aimed to meet competition needs that's sweet in the beginning with a little bit of a punch at the end.




  1. Add all ingredients to a sauce pan.
  2. Stir thoroughly
  3. Simmer for 20 minutes.
  4. For thinner sauce, keep heat very low and stir continuously.
  5. For thicker sauce, use medium heat and stir occasionally.


2 Responses to Ambler Sweet-n-Spicey BBQ Sauce

  1. I thought of that actually… It’s on my list of things to try next, along with a little soy sauce. I’m pretty happy with it thus far, so I’m going to take it one ingredient at a time with the left overs and see where that takes me.


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