Chorizo Burrito

Chorizo Burrito

By , May 29, 2012

Chorizo Burrito

So I wanted to make some thing for dinner and I had some Chorizo.   After looking around the fridge to see what else I had, I came up with chorizo, eggs, lemon, and red bell pepper.  I decided to try and make my own version of a great breakfast I had down in D.C. a few weeks back which consisted of Eggs and Chorizo.   Thus I set out to make a Chorizo burrito


Overall this meal was extremely easy to make, and really had a lot of flavor.  It had spice without being overly hot.  I would defiinitely make this again.



  1. I started by making some Tbad Tortilla
  2. So I started out by heating the pan with some olive oil in it, and followed it with the garlic.
  3. Then I cut the chorizo up into small pieces and tossed it in the pan.
  4.  Once the chorizo has cooked, I tossed the eggs into the meat mixture and stir constantly as the eggs cook.
  5.  I coursely chopped the red bell pepper and tossed it in the pan with the eggs and meat.
  6.  I added the paprika, red chili pepper, and salt.
  7. When its done (about 10 minutes total), toss some on your tortilla and top with cheese.




2 Responses to Chorizo Burrito

  1. I make them similar, but I add potatoes (cube them like making country potatoes) and onions. And with the eggs we braise them (As everything is about done, make a little room for each one then crack them directly over the mixture, add a little water for steam and cover.)

    Goes well with the tbad tortillas as you say 🙂


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