A little Smoke

Just going on the smoke with sausage, brisket, and cheeses.

I started with a 6 pound brisket from the local grocery store. I used smokin’ guns bbq rub for the brisket. I trimmed the fat down to about 1/8 inch evenly and liberally added the rub about 2 hours before it was going on the smoker. I let the brisket sit out for about an hour before I put it on the smoke. I had the smoker at about 260 degrees using apple wood on a side smoke box. I smoked the brisket for about 5 hours on the smoker using no mopping or spritzing with anything. After the 5 hours I pulled the brisket off and wrapped it tight in foil and put it in the oven for another 5 hours at 250 degrees. It came out pretty good.

Sliced brisket

More brisket

On to the cheese and sausage. I used a jalapeno pepper jack and a mozzarello  cheese. I cut them up in small cubes and set them in a small foil pan. I smoke them for about an hour and them pull them off and let them set up. They absorb the smoke really well and it gives them a great taste.

Cheese right off the smoker

The cheese after it is set up

Cheese sliced

The sausage I used is just plain grocery store fully cooked(I know I’m horrible) Eskridge farms sausage. I smoke it about an hour and a half. It turns out juicy plump and tasty.

Sausage and cheese platter with a cracker

It was an easy smoke and everything turned out well. I made the lexington dip bbq sauce that is also posted on potluckbloggers.com and it was a tasty dish.


4 Responses to A little Smoke

  1. Looks awesome man! The cheese, sausage and crackers platter is a great pic especially.

    I always forget to try pepperjack cheese when I smoke cheese. I’m going to have to write it down somewhere so I can give it a whirl next time.

  2. It also cracked me up that you had this very detailed opening paragraph which built up a lot of anticipation, and then you finished it with “It came out pretty good”.

  3. I was going to label the pick of the sliced cheese as cutting the cheese but I refrained. It came out pretty good lol


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